Customer Letters


Dear Peter,

I just wanted to inform you I received the Aladdin drawing and I had it framed here in Italy.
Wanted to thank you and tell you I sincerely appreciate your help, and the discount you gave me when I purchased this drawing.
I wish you all the best, and I’m looking forward to collect more art from your shop.
Warmest regards and deepest appreciation.



Hi guys!


I received my Merlin's cel today! It's absolutely gorgeous! 
I loved to see that the packaging and the framing were so carefully and well done too. Thank you so much. I think it will not be the last time you guys hear from me. 
Have a great week!
Kind regards,



Hi Peter,

I just received the cel.
It is very beautiful and very satisfied!!

Thank you for quick shipping.
Looking forward to dealing with you again.

Best regards,


Hi Peter, 
I received the package, thank you so much for framing and shipping it so nicely! Happy holidays and happy new year :).
Thanks again,
Jaime from New York



Hi Peter

I just wanted to tell you that I have recieved the drawing. 
It is amazing. Thank you so much for your help and service!
It arrived quickly and you had really done a great deal out of protecting the drawing.
Best wishes - Merry Christmas
Malene from  Denmark



The drawing has been delivered and looks fantastic, thank you for all of your help.
Guy from the United Kingdom


Dear Peter,

the cel arrived today and it is a wonderful kind of Disney art. Thank you so much for the nice framing. Stay healthy and we like to be in contact with you, always looking for another nice cel.

Many greetings from
Dieter and Gerlinde from Germany 

Hi Peter, 
Mickey mouse sketch package arrived.
Perfect delivery, Perfect Service!
Thanks Christof  from Germany


The cels arrived today. 

Thank you so much for the quick shipping, and the very dense packaging!  This was my first time buying from your company, and I look forward to hopefully doing so again in the future.
Trey from Virginia


Hi Peter
My cels arrived today.  We are so happy.  They look great.  Thanks for your help and the speedy shipment.
Teresa from Australia


Received my 12 Field Production Cel a couple of days ago and my wife and I couldn't be happier. Thank you guys very much. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.


Dear Peter,

Today Mickey arrived at our home. He is so beautiful.  For us your gallery is the best place to get great Disney art. Thanks so much for your kindness. We stay in contact, always looking for new great cels. Please stay healthy and best wishes for your, your family and the hole team.

Many greetings 

Dieter and Gerlinde       Germany  


Hi Peter,

Just a quick courtesy email to let you know that my piece arrived safely today!
I love it! The little picture on the website just doesn’t do it justice...all this means now is that I’ll be keeping an eye out for the rest of the dwarves over the coming years haha

Thanks again,

P.s. I noticed when I held the piece up, the sun caught the transparency and I noticed a ‘Management Bond’ watermark on the paper. Amazing.


Hi again Peter,
Mickey arrived safe and sound this week and my wife absolutely loves him! (it was a birthday gift)
Thanks so much! (VERY happy customer)
Allister     Australia


Hi Peter,

I meant to email you last friday but work has been pretty hectic. I received the cell of Figaro last friday, it looks great and my wife loves it!. I really appreciate the care that you took with packaging it and shipping it out so quickly and the timely responses that you gave me after contacting you. I hope to buy a few more pieces from you in the future. Small world with your family being from Pottstown. Thanks again for everything!
-Colin       Philadelphia, PA


Hi Peter
The drawings arrived today!!  They are fantastic, Laura will be thrilled to bits.
Thank you so very much for the care taken with the packaging, very much appreciated.
Stay safe and well in these challenging times.
Best wishes
Robyn      New Zealand


Hi Peter, 

Drawings are well arrived since one week now. Thank you very much for the quality of your service, and drawings are beautiful, I'm so happy! 
I would like to expose them in my place but I know this kind of art is delicate. Maybe can you give me some advice concerning framing etc. 

Thanks again, I'll continue to check your website if new drawing interest me????. 

Denis        France


Hi Peter,

I received my Aladdin artwork last week and it’s just awesome. I also wanted to say a huge thank you for the way it was so delicately wrapped and shipped.
Michael     Australia


Hi Peter!

Good News .. Robin Hood sell was delivered today - no damage, best condition.
I´m really happy - it looks woderful.
Stay healthy and best regards.
Martin        Vienna, Austria 


Hi Peter
I received the Production Drawing today via FedEx.
Looks fantastic, I sure my daughter will love it.
Thanks for the great service.


Hi Peter,
Honestly, I could order animation art from you all just for the efficiency in shipping and the amazing, meticulous packing! Always so much fun to unwrap and see how professionally it is done and protected. I mean, you know what's being opened inside, right!
I am absolutely ecstatic. The original production cel of Mickey from Fantasia is now my favorite and easily better than described or displayed on your super website.  Nothing against that, or the web, but some things you just gotta see in person to really appreciate. It is amazing!  The provenance and certificate is fantastic too.  History.
So, thank you for 25+ years of partnership in getting me great artwork. It astounds me what a great collection I now have.
I'll be following you on the web and always looking for the next big purchase - I might be a little more passive for a while, to digest this one. But I'll never be done.
Thank you Peter.  To Jon too.
Again, stay safe and healthy. Thank you!


 Hi Peter!

The drawings arrived a few minutes ago and they are absolutely amazing.  The framing is incredible - my wife LOVES the mattes/frames.  I will definitely be purchasing more from you very soon.  Thank you again for everything!!!


Hi Peter,

I meant to send this to you earlier but got sidetracked with the holidays.  The drawing arrived safely and I love it!  Thank you.  I know how word-of-mouth and reputation are important, so if I can leave a Google Review or other positive feedback somewhere to help your gallery I would be happy to do so.  Just let me know. 
Looking forward to working with you again in the future. 
Happy New Year,
Tom          Orlando, FL


Just letting u know my husband loved the drawing.  Thanks for your help with the selection.  Happy New Year!

I just got the production cell.  It is beautiful.
Thank you so much
Best -
Peter          Keene, NH


Hi Peter,
I received the drawing yesterday, it is absolutely beautiful! I love it!
It's already in my living room with the Briar Rose drawing!
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Diane                   France     


Hi Jon, Hi Peter, the artworks arrived last Friday. Absolutely fantastic.
Riccardo       Italy


 Dear Peter,

the cel of Maleficent arrived today and it is wonderful. Now the cel is hanging in our living room very close to Snow Whites Dreams come true and Aladdins Sunset Romance. They all look beautiful and we are very happy to get them. Thank you so much for your kindness and help.We wish you and your team the best and it is our pleasure to stay in contact with you.
Many greetings from
Dieter and Gerlinde      Germany

Merry Christmas Jon,

Received both the Bugs Bunny and Marvin Martian, and Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd drawings today signed by Virgil Ross.  Was worth the extra FedEx to ensure I got them before I left for Cape cod.
They are both spectacular - Some times a web site depiction just does not do the art work justice ... That is the case here!
Thank you, and to Peter, for being so good to me!
Merry Christmas and a Happy, successful, healthy New Year of 2019!
Cheers and best,
Mike       Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Peter,
Today I received the Aladdin drawing. Excellent service; thank you for that! Attached a picture of me with the drawing. A youth dream coming true. For some reason as a teenager I had a special interest in the second golden age of (Disney) animation (1989-1994). I collected the 'Art of...' books and auction catalogs. After 20 years now able to collect production art.
Kind regards,
Niels     The Netherlands

I LOVE this new print of mine. It feels like a real honor to have her. Thank you so so much
The cel and I are very happy together, lol. I love her. Thanks again, will be back for more!
Tanti   Los Angeles, CA


It's here!!
Thank you so much Peter. Great frame job, speedy delivery and impeccable costumer service -couldn't ask for anything more.
Best regards,
Asia      Canada

Hi Peter,
We finally received the picture.
Thank you for packing it so well.
Very happy with it.
Steve      Malta

Peter, Thank you for working with me on that one. Your customer service is first class.
Noel       Manchester, MD

Good morning Gentlemen -  the Grinch has arrived! :)  Another fine piece, thank you very much.  Wednesday is my wife's birthday, and this is outstanding.  Look forward to further business together!
Bill          Raleigh, NC

Incredibly STUNNING…amazing, thank you Peter, Can you frame the Dopey the same way or similar…style maybe different color frame but same
Mark      Chicago, IL

Hi Peter,
I received my Little Mermaid cell. I like it a lot! I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Have a nice day.
Louis      Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to let you know that the drawing was a great success. It arrived on time and Lisa loves it. This was our 19th anniversary. I may be in touch again as the 20th approaches next year. All the best,
Rick       Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi Peter, I just wanted to say that my Lion King drawings arrived today and I’m so happy with them! Every single piece I’ve bought off of you has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you for everything, I’ll be sure you recommend you to anyone who asks.
Kristen      Fayetteville, NC

Dear Peter,
Today the wonderful Shere Khan cel arrived. It is fantastic and we are very happy to get it. You framed it very good. So we had another great piece in our collection. By the way. Whats the nice picture, that i found in front of the cel? Thanks for all, you are very kind.
Many greetings from
Dieter and Gerlinde      Germany

I have received the item and I am just contacting you to thank you for your very professional handling of the whole difficulty which arose and working with me with the price, as well as for the very careful packaging in which I received it. I was equally pleased with the item itself, as I am always happy to discover collector's items such as this one related to Disney films or Disneyland, and I will definitely cherish it. I hope this has not caused you too much trouble, but know that you now have a satisfied customer who will henceforth turn to you for future similar purchases and know I can trust you.
All the best,
Timos    Greece

Just got my cell of Pinocchio. The packing was great and the cell, it's better then I thought,
thank you all so much. It is the center piece now.
Steven   Canada

Hi Peter,
I received the drawing today, it's so beautiful I love it! Thank you very much!
I hope that one day you will have another signed drawing from Glen Keane, he's also one of my favorist artist!
Best regards
Diane    France

I just wanted to say thanks for offering this incredible item. My whole family was absolutely amazed when they learned this painting was used in the actual movie. It was by far the most interesting present that was under the Christmas tree and will be a conversation piece for years to come. Whoever packed the frame up for shipping did a top notch job. It took almost 5 minutes to unwrap all the protective layers and I am willing to bet this thing would survive an atomic blast with how well it was packed. Merry Christmas to your team and I look forward to purchasing more of these amazing production cels in the future.
David     Victorville, CA

Hi Peter,
I've just received the parcel and the drawing - perfectly packed. My wife works in the fine arts transportation and storage industry in Geneva: she said you did it well !
This drawing is just beautiful !
Thanks again for your help and your time!

Best regards,
Axel    France

Hello Peter and Kristina!
I want to thank you for another spectacular transaction. I appreciate your willingness to work with me on negotiating prices that align with fair market value.
I thought you might like to see the setup now on its digitally re-created key master background. Just a quick phone snap!  It will get museum grade mats and framing.
This is arguably the best jungle book cel I have ever seen, and the condition is pristine. It looks like it was created yesterday even though it's 50 years old.
I am telling everyone that I know what a great gallery you are and what wonderful people you are to deal with. 
Once again I must say I am an enthusiastic and loyal customer and I assure you there will be more business from me forthcoming.
All my very best,
Rob   Hollywood, CA

Hi Peter,
It was great to meet you and see your gallery, thank you for taking the time to talk to myself and Nicola about your work and premises.
Just to let you know our cel has arrived safe and sound, I've put it in a temporary place until Nicola gets homes and can instruct further.
Thanks again for your help, we had a great time in DC and NY and are now suffering the post holiday come down! Maybe a browse of the site might perk us up a little...
Kind regards,
Owen       United Kingdom

Peter and Jon,
I just wanted to say that I got the Rescue Rangers cel, and it looks phenomenal! Thanks to both of you for working with me to get it in my hands! Looking forward to doing business with Animation Sensations again!
Scott         St. Joseph, MI

I have just received the cel.
Looks really fantastic.
Great service and support!
Thank you very much!
Best regards
Mischkounig       Austria


Hi Peter,
Sorry it took me so long to write back to you, this week i was busy. The drawings are very beautiful, thank you for the price and your professionnalism.
Best regards,








Dear Mr. Vandenbosch,
Thank you for thinking of me and remembering A. which cels I'm looking for and B. I have a beautiful, rescue hound dog/ service dog. I really appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you remember your customers needs but never push. You're very patient. It makes me feel comfortable (and happy!!) with every piece I've ever purchased from you.
I'm excited to see this beautiful cel. Mary Poppins was such a great movie (and the cels are so hard to find!). I'm very excited (and grateful) to be able to display it.
BTW, I even teared up at Saving Mr. Banks :)
I'll look for your email with the tracking details.
Thank you,
Erin       Atlanta, GA

Hi Peter
Jiminy arrived today and is already hanging on our wall - beautiful deep colors as you said!
Thank you so much for good service - it has been a pleasure. If you perhaps should stumble over a production drawing of Jiminy, please let me know.
Kind regards
James    Gentofte, Denmark

Hi Peter,
That bugs bunny print as now arrived safely in Adelaide, South Australia.
It is awesome.
Thank you so much for making this such an easy transaction. I'll definitely be a return customer!
Mikala    Adelaide, South Australia 

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone there an absolutely wonderful holiday season!
I am ecstatic about the at I bought from you this year.
Not only did you work with me on pricing, your communication was excellent and everyone was so gracious and helpful.
I can't say enough good things and I assure you we will do more business!
Just for fun I've attached photos of a couple of the pieces framed with new digital backgrounds.
All the holiday best to you!
Rob Hollywood, CA

 Hi Peter.  
Grinch just arrived and as per usual of anything I have ever purchased from your shoppe, I am thrilled. Thank you for the prompt shipping, great packaging, and being spot on in your description of the cel and framing.
If you ever come across something from Charlie Brown Christmas, let me know.
Thank you again and best wishes for the holiday season.
Mary         Carrollton, VA

Dear Peter, Jon and Kristina,
Today your parcell arrived to my house. I was thrilled and emotional opening the box. The piece exceeded all my expectations and I think I just purchased a treasure of a lifetime.
Please thank everyone involved.
Lots of love from Amsterdam.
Rudy        The Netherlands

thank you for your support to ship the cels ... it worked out perfectly, I received the cels today!
Shipping with fedex makes things easier for me ….. they called me, when the package arrived in Germany. They do all the paperwork for customs, send the custom’s bill over to me (with an additional fee for Fedex of course…. ;-) )
So thanks again – and whenever you will find the Mowgli/Bagheera/Balu  limited edition – I am really interested.
Take care!
Jutta          Germany

Hi Peter,
Parcel arrived wednesday afternoon. It looks excellent.
Thank you for the great service.
Cheryl       Australia

Hi Kristina and Jon,
Just wanted to let you know I have received my Flintstones production cel today. The colours are vivid and bright, so I am very happy with the purchase. Thank you for all your help and professionalism, I was a bit nervous at purchasing something from overseas, and you made it a breeze. Looking forward to purchasing a Disney cartoon production cel sometime in the near future. Thank you again.
Best regards,
Robert     Australia

I gave the Belle drawing to my girlfriend today and it made her cry so I'm pretty sure she liked it! I was wondering if you could tell me who the artist was? 
Jonathan   England 


Hello, the picture has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much for the quick delivery and making the process very simple. I'm sure once my girlfriend gets the picture for her birthday she will be over the moon. I'm sure we will be ordering from you again in the not too distant future.
Many thanks
Jonathan   England


Hi Peter, Kristina,
The Bambi cel arrived today right on time. Wow - what an iconic piece from a landmark Disney animation.
My family will treasure this as a signature piece to our collection. Thank you for your brilliant service and expertise.
Best wishes,
Paul   UK

Dear Peter,
the drawing arrived safely and it is very beautiful! Much more beautiful than on the picture!
Thank you very much and have a nice weekend,
Odetta     Germany 

Hello Jon,
The drawing arrived safely today! I absolutely love it and can't wait for it to be framed and on my wall!
Thank you so much for all your help and patience, much appreciated, I'm looking forward to buying from you again in the not too distant future 
Kind regards
Emma UK


Hello all,
I received the Aladdin production drawing and it is amazing.
I look forward to doing more business with you. You guys are awesome.
Please let me know if there are any special promotions going on in the near future. Thanks.
John New York, New York.

Hello Peter,
the lithograph arrived today. It's really great!
Thank you very much for the very fast and efficient process. From buying and paying to arrival here in Munich it took about 6 days. That's really benchmark ;-)
Thank you also for the customer invoice and the remark "Vorsicht! Zerbrechlich!" in German on the package.
Kind regards 
Christian Munich, Germany 

Hi Peter,
I received the cel today, it's very great.
the cel is framed, it's very nice of you.
many thanks for all, I send you a pics when I put it on the wall in my house.
see you
Thomas        Paris, France

Dear Peter,
the pieces arrived safely today. They are really very beautiful!!!
Thank you for everything and I wish you great holidays!
Odetta         Dusseldorf, Germany

Dear Peter
Today the framed Baloo Cel arrived.
It is georgeous!
Thank you for the excellent service.
Please keep me informed about further Jungle Book Production cels
I'm also interested in affordable cels of Snow White.
Best regards
Joerg          Berlin, Germany 
I received the frame and it is wonderful. Please give my best to the gang.
Thank you so much!
John   New York, NY

Hi Peter,
All is ok, the service is wonderfull. 
Super fast delivery, outstanding packing, the plexiglass plane, the scotch on the glass. 
very very very professional.
Thank you very much, I hope to buy by you in the future other disney's cell.
I'm so happy for these positive shopping experience.
Thank you very much for your help (the discount)
Ivan   Isernia, Italy 

Hi Kristina,
Thanks for getting the Wile E. Coyote cel to me so quickly - It arrived yesterday so fantastically quick service and looks great. 
I appreciate all your help and please pass on my best regards to Peter.
Many thanks,
Steve      West Sussex, UK 

I just unpackaged the artwork and I am ecstatic. It is a beautiful work of art, as well as being a part of animation history. And whoever did the framing shows great taste. All of you were so fun to work with; and now that I have the fever, I look forward to many other purchases in the future. 
Take care, Peter.
Greg  San Ramon, CA

Dear Peter,

Sunset Romance was delivering today and now the picture is hanging on the wall of our living room.
The picture is magnificent and wonderfull. We would like to say thank yor for your help to get this very nice picture and all the other nice picture we were able to by from you.
You are a very kind person and we were very thankfull.
Many greetings from cologne,
Dieter and Gerlind         Cologne, Germany

Dear Peter and Alison,
I would like to thank you very much, i just recieved the drawings yesterday (There was a problem of delivery here in Corsica what caused a little of delay, but everything's back to normal after few days).
I'm very happy to have a part of animation's history, a part of my child's dreams...I don't mind saying there were tears in my eyes to have these drawings in my hands! They are wonderful and in a perfect
Thank you Peter to have offered me this beautiful frame for the drawing of Sleeping Beauty.
See you soon for others purchase, after all, i'm only beginning my collection...
Thank you for everything, have a nice day,
Best regards,
Philippe      Corsica

Hi Peter and Kristina,
I just wanted to mention that I just received the Beauty and the Beast drawing I purchased Monday.  You were right, Peter, the pictures don't do it justice.  It's absolutely breathtaking in person!  It's a gift for my sister, and she will go crazy when she sees it!
I wanted to thank the both of you for your exemplary customer service, first rate framing job, and speedy delivery.  It was such a pleasure to do business with you that I know I will be back in the future, this time for me!  Thanks again for everything!
Scott          Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hi Peter,
Just letting you know the cell arrived safely, I love it and hung it up straight away. I wanted to say thank-you again Peter, you have made me very happy, kindest regards,
Rita            Australia

Hi Peter...
Pooh cell arrived just now. A very nice piece indeed and packaged so well. Just wanted to let you know.
Mary         Carrollton, VA

Bella Notte just arrived a few minutes ago. I can't wait to open it. You guys are the best!
Dennis     Orlando, FL

Many thanks, Alison, 
Drawings have just arrived, I'm really pleased. Great service once more, thank you. 
Steve       United Kingdom

Hello Peter,
Just wanted to say the Beast drawing arrived in perfect condition in the Netherlands a few days ago. It's beautiful. Thank you and good luck with the gallery.
Best regards,
Edwin     The Netherlands

Hello Peter and Alison, 
The Bambi suites are in Cologne, they look wonderful. Thank you for the quick delivery. We are very happy. 
Kind regards, 
Dieter     Germany 


Hi Alison:
Just a note to inform you that I received the two pieces you sent me and to let you know how pleased I am with the purchases.  Both pieces are attractively framed, and the Audubon J. Woodlore cel is in better condition than I expected.  Many thanks to both you and Peter for your prompt attention to my queries and for your assistance throughout the purchasing process. I hope to be able to visit the Georgetown Frameshoppe and Gallery the next time I visit. D.C.
Larry  Oberlin, OH


Hello Alison and Peter,
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I received the Nanny production cel today. I am extremely satisfied and Nanny is so cute! The framing job looks top notch and the piece was packed so well! Thank you so much for your truly superb customer service. I would recommend Georgetown Frame Shoppe and Animation Sensations wholeheartedly.
Take care and warm regards,
Sam      Stewartville, MN 

Hello Alison and Peter,
Just wanted to update you that the Prince Philip Production Drawing arrived today with FedEx and it is BEAUTIFUL! I can look at these clean-up lines forever and be amazed by the amount of talent and heart that went into the making of 'Sleeping Beauty'! Thank you so much for the fast responds and fast shipping and handling of this piece of art.  I’ll be looking forward to buy more art from you in the future. 
Thank you once again,
David      Israel

Dear Peter, 
I wanted to let you know the Tinkerbell cell arrived andI love it. Thank you for taking care of me.
Scott  Tulsa, OK 

Peter and Alison: 
Wanted to let you know that the Sleeping Beauty model sheets and autographs were received today in perfect condition.  I showed them to my wife and she LOVED them.  Thanks so much. It's been a great experience working with your gallery.
Phil   Lafayette, LA

Hi Alison, 
The Little Mermaid arrived safely, thank you, and fully meets our expectations. Fantastic.
Aaron   United Kingdom 

Hi Peter!
I Just wanted to say thank you for being so nice to deal with. You were very professional and very trustworthy. Thank you again and if I hear of anyone who is looking for someone like yourself I will highly recommend your business.
Take care,

Hi Peter,
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent, speedy service. The Bambi cel is quiet delightful, and very much appreciated in it's new home.
Kind regards,
Ashley    United Kingdom

Peter,I just wanted to let you know that I just received Mickey's Progression - thank you. It is amazing! And once again, the framing is spot-on!
Christian   Hartland, WI

Peter,I just wanted to let you know that I just received the Snow White cel and it is amazing! Thank you. The framing is also impeccableand perfect for the cel!
Christian   Hartland, WI

Just an FYI to let you know that my wife loves the Ellenshaw. Thank you so much for helping make this happen!
Jeff  Princeton, NJ

Hi Peter and Allison, The Snow White production drawing arrived today, and my wife absolutely adores it (and I’m very impressed by it as well!). It is gorgeous, in pristine condition, wonderfully framed, in short: it was the perfect birthday gift!  Thank you for the great service and incredibly speedy delivery, never received anything from the US this fast before!
Best regards,
Iain    The Netherlands

Hi Alison & Peter,
Just wanted to say that I got the cel on Sunday, and it looks really good. Thanks for everything!
Yair    Israel

Pluto has arrived safely, I can hardly wait to get home and open the package. Thanks for your help, best regards to Peter too.  
Lanis  Chicago, IL

Dear Alison,
 I just received the drawing....I love it. I think this will be a great gift for my partner! Thanks a lot.
Best regards,
Constant    The Netherlands

I just wanted you to know that the cels arrived today and they are outstanding. I want to thank you again for your service. Maybe someday I will visit your gallery since I am not too far away.
Take care and thank you again
Frank    Blacksburg, VA

Hello Peter,
Grumpy arrived this week. The drawing is indescribable beautiful and I really love the framing. I found a nice place next to my other artworks. Thank you so much for the fast shipping and the perfect handling. Best wishes from Germany
Christof   Germany

Good morning Georgetown Frame Shoppe crew, 
I just wanted to drop a line and say how happy I am with the frame job done on my Ariel cel. I am delighted at how it turned out. The frame, matting, everything is better than I had imagined. I especially love that you were able to uncover hidden background under the old matting! I feel like a homeowner who was just told there is antique hardwood floors found under the carpet :) Please pass along my compliments and gratitude to Andrew!
Brad    Annapolis, MD

Just recieved the drawing - just beautiful. Thank Peter for the awesome framing. I can't stop looking at the little fellow.  Thank you again.
Karol   Richboro, PA

Hi Alison,
Picture has been delieverd and it will fit in perfectly with the Snow White one we have. Many thanks for your prompt service.
Julie   United Kingdom

Peter and staff, 
My Mickey arrived in great shape. The packing was world class and I appreciate it very much...look forward to doing business with you guys soon. Thanks!
Jim     San Diego, CA

Hello Mr. Bortz, 
I would just like to take a moment to thank you again for the wonderful experience I had at your gallery early last week. I am absolutely elated with the 2 Little Mermaid cels that I purchased from you. And the Jessica Rabbit cel that I purchased as a surprise gift for my sister was met on Christmas morning with tears of joy running down her face as she was literally speechless with hands clasped over mouth for several minutes. I very much look forward to your future newsletters.
I wish you, and your staff, the very happiest of New Year's,

Brad    Annapolis, MD

Hi Alison,
Thank you for the help. I have received the cel and it is great. It is wrapped and under the tree for next week. Hard to keep that one a secret. Again thank you for the help and fast shipping. I will be back to you guys.
Eric   Bonney Lake, WA

Hi Alison,
Just to let you know that the beautiful cel has arrived today! What a fantastic service I have received!
Nicola  Great Britain

Hi Alison
I recieved the Ursula cel yesterday and I absolutley love it!! Thank you very much
Matt   Lancaster, PA

I just received the item.  It is absolutely wonderful.
Thank you for all your help with the item.
Have a great weekend.
Gary    Westfield, IN

Hey Alison,
Jiminy arrived safe and sound and is hanging proudly in my living room with my other jiminy items.  Thanks so much it turned out beautifully
Nancy   Ocean View, NJ

 I received the artwork, they look great. Thank you for adding an extra copy of an additional  background for Mickey's Christmas Carol.
Jeff Bemrose  Dallas, OR

Hi Alison,
I've picked up the package yesterday evening. The cel is much nicer than I expected. The transaction has been a very pleasant experience. Thank you very much from a happy customer!
Patrick  San Jose, CA

Hi Alison,
We got the cel today - it looks wonderful in the flesh so to speak.  Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards
Catherine    Australia

Hey there, just a quick word to let you know that I received the grumpy in a perfect record time and perfect look. Thanks so much, probably I will come back to you sometimes soon, thanks for the newsletter, cool way to keep me updated !
Thanks again,
François  Paris, France

I REALLY like that Dumbo cel. Thank you for the help and the great price. By the way, I smiled when you wrote that you were willing to risk “losing the sale” by talking honestly about the likelihood of restoration. It is BECAUSE you’re honest that I watch your inventory and look for opportunities to buy from you!
Thanks again.
Steve  Hinsdale, IL 

Hi Peter,
I’ve been wanting to email to thank you for making it possible for me to add this wonderful cel to my collection...just beautiful! I can not think of a nicer cel that I could have added with in my reach, that I would enjoy more.
Thank you so much!
Doug   Columbus, Ohio

Just wanted to let you know that our 101 Dalmatians cel arrived safely yesterday- looks great so thanks for sending. Appreciate working with you.
Kind regards,
Oliver    Brooklyn, New York

Hi Alison,
Received the cel. It is perfect!
Thank you!
Shari  Racine, Wisconsin

Hi Alison
Just wanted to confirm I had received the two cels...they look great and I am very pleased. I was very impressed with your overall service and helpfulness
Thanks a lot,

Andrew  Scotland

Hi Alison & Peter,
Just wanted to let you know that Mickey has just arrived safely here in the UK (have to say he was very well packaged and suffered no ill side-effects from the long journey).
It's a smashing picture and I'm really pleased with it. Thank you for your help in facilitating the purchase.
Best regards,
Mike  Devon, England

Dear GFS team,
My Grumpy drawing arrived yesterday. It is indeed a very beautiful drawing. I would like to thank you for the smooth transaction and of course for your kind and helpful support! It was a pleasure to deal with you!
By the way, can't wait for some original "Cinderella" drawings or cels.
Seyed   Vienna, Austria

Hi Peter,
Wanted to let you know that the Donald Duck drawing arrived safe and sound today. Thank you for all of your help!
Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season,
Thecly   Amherst, NY

Hi Peter!
We just got the Jiminy and Mickey cels and couldn't be happier!! They look awesome!!! Thank you and everyone at the gallery for doing such a wonderful job! Happy holidays--we look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
Thanks again!
Melissa and Greg   Nova, OH

Hi Judith,
I just wanted to let you know that  I have just received the package. The cel is great! I want to thank you so much for your and Peter's assistance throughout this process.
Many thanks.
Best regards,
Anna   Limassol, Cyprus

Got the Chuck Jones limited edition cel today. Thank you for everything. You made doing business with your company very easy. I will remember that in the future. Thanks again.
Joe   Charlotte, NC

They are BEAUTIFUL!!! The two pieces are even better than I expected.  My husband and I will cherish them always.
Thanks again and take care,
Deirdre   Port St. Lucie, FL

Hi Peter/Patrick,
Thanks so much for organizing my purchase of the Warner Brothers cels. They arrived on Thursday well-wrapped and look fantastic. I got back to Australia yesterday and my whole family thinks they are great. Thanks again for your help--I'll be in touch soon as there are a few others that I'm looking at!
    Garden Grove, CA

 Hi Peter,
I got the cel last night. The packaging was very secure, and the way it was packed was very thoughtful.
I love the cel! You guys did an excellent job in matting and framing. You have a very satisfied customer and I'm looking forward to doing business with you again.

    San Francisco, CA

 Hi Peter!
The cel arrived!! Thank you so much for framing it as well! It looks great.
I'm happy we could do business again. Have a great rest of the summer--I'm sure we'll be in touch before long.

    Scarsdale, NY

Dear Judith,
The artwork has been delivered. Everthing is very good and in one piece. I'm absolutely satisfied.
Thank you and Peter very much, it was a nice and good deal. I'll buy again.

     Weisbaden, Germany


Hello Peter!
I got the Sleeping Beauty cel, it is amazing!! My little girl will love it as her birthday present.
So thank you very much, very good package and quick.
Greetings to Patrick Judith and Lorraine!
See you soon,
     Pisa, Italy

Dear Peter,
Many thanks for your care and efficiency for packing the Peter Pan piece which arrived safely today.
Nicholas     United Kingdom

Hi Peter and Judith,
I just wanted to let you know I received the drawing from "Gertie the Dinosaur" yesterday.  I love it!  It is incredible, awesome, brilliant.  Just wonderful.  The drawing arrived safely--no damage at all.  Thanks for packing her so well.
Thanks again for selling me such an amazing piece. I will enjoy her.
All the best,
Juliet      Victoria, Australia

I recently had a Japanese anime cel from Outlaw Star framed at your shop (red ship on space background) and had it shipped to me as I didn't want to try going back to DC and finding parking and getting lost. So I didn't have a chance to say thanks, thanks a lot it looks great!
Regards, Omid Miraftab
Washington, DC

Hi Guys!
    I received the cel, and we love it! It's awesome! I'm glad Peter thought of me. By the way, very speedy shipping. Excellent!
   Ramona      Bronx, NY

Hi Peter!
    I got the piece via FedEx today. It looks absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for all of your help! It will hang in my production office for many years to come!
   Bill      Nashville, TN

   We got the stuff yesterday!   Speedy delivery!   Thanks!
   Misty and Steven      Tulsa, OK

 To Animation Sensations,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for The Little Mermaid cel!! It arrived here safely, and is now hanging up on my wall!! I love it!!! I look forward to visiting your shop again!
    Ashley      Barksdale, LA

    Got the Bugs Bunny “Bowery Bugs” cell on Friday and it is fantastic. I hope I can do more business with you. Excellent service and communication. Thanks again.
    Rick      Hudson, WI

  Hi Peter,
    The drawing has arrived. Thank you very much. I love it. Best greetings,
  Matthias     Bochum, Germany

  Dear Darcy
   This email is just to let you know that I received my treasure this morning. I'm so pleased to add this Animation Cel of Robin Hood in my collection. The package was perfect and very well secured. You did a wonderfull job! Thank you so much...:) I see many new wonderfull items to add to my collection, and hope I can afford them in the very near future. Take care and Happy New Year!
  Patrick     Vesoul, France

 To all at Animation Sensations,
   I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the purchase of the Beauty and the Beast cel. It was delivered swiftly and I agree with you completely in that it is a beautiful piece! You are definitely recommended and I thank you for your professionalism, support and invaluable guidance. My friend absolutely loved the product for her birthday gift!
  Corinne G.     South Wales, UK

Hi Darcy,
  I just want to let you know that I received my All Dogs Go to Heaven animation cel last week. Its absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much!
  Abby Baker       Ohio

  Hi Darcy,
   This is to confirm I have just picked up the order at my Post Office. This time it was very quick and no custom procedures or fees were needed. Many thanks. The cel is beautiful. I wish you the best for this year, next year, and the years to come. Best regards,
  Francisco J.     Spain

Hi Peter,
  Just a quick message letting you know I received the piece intact and it is fantastic! I also want to thank you and your staff for managing to expedite things at such a busy time of the year--and late time of the day. You made the experience laid-back yet utterly professional. The item is a gift for my twin brother and I never could have pulled it off without your timely assistance. Happy Holidays from Toasty Minneapolis!
  Nicholas      Minneapolis

Hi Darcy,
  A belated note to say Belle Notte arrived in perfect condition as usual. Many thanks. Cheers.
  Nancy C.       Australia

Dear Peter and Darcy,
  Just wanted to let you know that I received the Flintstones cels yesterday and I am delighted with them! They are even better than I expected and I am especially pleased with the framing. I know for sure that they are the perfect gift for my friend's 50th birthday! Thank you so much for your good advice and excellent service. With very best wishes,
   Anita       United Kingdom

Hi Peter & Darcy,
  Just received the Scooby Doo cel today. Love it. It got here really fast. Much appreciated. Chat to you guys soon. Kind Regards
   Maria       Australia  

Hey Peter,
   A pleasure doing business with Animation Sensations! What a wonderful no hassle deal. Thanks for everything. All best to you.

Dear Peter,
   We received Snow White and Doc today and they are beautiful. We are so happy to have them and they will live happily ever after as part of our family. Thank you also for the copy of the book. We appreciate the special care you took in making the shipment safe.  Many thanks and Best regards.
     Annette and Bob     Bow, New Hampshire

Peter and Darcy,

The Winnie the Pooh cel was delivered and my husband proudly showed it around the library today. Thanks again,
    Patricia Kelly-Evans    Norristown, PA

   Just wanted to thank you for having the Maleficent "Casting the Spell". I have 2 daughters and already had # 25. With # 333 I am able to have 1 for each daughter.  Hope to deal with you again,
    Bob Walls    Ohio

    Wow! I got the Pinocchio today and opened it at my mom's. All I can say is wow. Your really outdid yourself! The framing is exquisite. Even fillets around the plaque! And the glass upgrade is wonderful. Marcia will be away all day tomorrow so I will try it up on the wall with our dramatic lighting. Thank you so much for your wonderful work, the extras you did, the upgrade. I fear we may have to get some of the others re-done to be worthy of it. We don't get these often, but when we do, we really enjoy adding them to the "family." I will probably give this to Marcia sooner rather than later. I can't wait to see her reaction. I'll let you know. Thanks again.
    Todd   Groton, Connecticut


   Dear Peter,   
I hope my note finds you well. Good news, the cells have arrived today and thankyou for the extra one that you sent with it, that is very kind of you. I am very pleased with the cells and they were a present for my sister, she likes them very much. Best wishes,
    David     England

Hi Peter,
    I received my 101 Dalmatians cel today, and it's beautiful. Many thanks for packaging it up so well.
I'm going to get it framed here in London, and although I have every faith in the place I'm going to use, I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding framing techniques, that I should perhaps mention to them? As you guys seem to be the experts. Thanks again for the deal you gave me on the cel, and I'm sure to hunting down more cels in the future from you.  All the best,
    Ben    London, England

Hi Peter,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the cel arrived on time. We are extremely pleased as it is more than we expected. Thank you to all who were involved in sending it. We will keep checking your site for other possible purchases.Thanks,
    Cal and Cheryl   Australia

Hi Peter,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the two cels have arrived save and sound on Friday. Both are really awesome. Thank you again for everything, talk to you soon!   Best Regards,
    Wolf    Germany

     I received the drawing yesterday.  Great matting and we just loved it!  Thanks for the great packaging!
    Helen Spangler    York, Pennsylvania

Dear Peter,
    Thank you very much for sending me the very beautiful artwork. I got it today.  My girlfriend is very happy about this present.  Thank you again for your kindness.
    Yoshinori Maeda      Japan

Dear Peter;
Thank you so much for the beautiful work on the Disney cell. It looks absolutely wonderful. My granddaughter will enjoy it for years to come as a gift from her late Grandfather.  I will pass your name on.
    Pat Randolph      Delaware, Ohio


Dear Peter,
Just a note to express my appreciation for your efforts. Janet loved the Max cel & drawing. It is already hanging proudly in our family room! Thanks again for getting it to me in great shape in plenty of time for Valentine's Day. 

Sparks, Maryland


    I want to say 'thank you' so much - the Pepe Le Pew picture is so cute! My Mom is really going to love her Pepe! I also appreciate all your help and assistance. Your service was so professional and courtesy.  Thanks.
    Dr.Greenwood     Weston, Florida

Hi Peter,
Thanks so much for all your wonderful work..Snow is now in a place of honor in my house instead of behind the door...If I find anyone else that has a restoration problem,I will surely send them to you. It's been a real pleasure doing business with you. If you should ever need a reference you can count on me. Thanks again and Best Regards,
    Mary Kay

Hi Peter,
I received the item today in flawless condition. Thanks for the quick service. I look forward to doing business with your company again. Thanks.

Dear Peter,
Last weekend I was able to travel to Madrid and therefore  I was able to open your package with the Sir Hiss and the certificate of authenticity. Everything is perfect! The drawing is beautiful and the documents are exactly as I wanted them to be. Thank you very much once again for everything. Best regards,