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Animation Sensations animation art gallery, located in the heart of georgetown of Washington, D.C., has been framing animation art for collectors for collectors from across the globe for over twenty years. We offer quality custom framing and expertise for all different kinds of artwork, including animation. Animation art is very fragile and must be handled with care. We'll help you find an appropriate, cost-effective way to preserve and protect your animation art.

Here are a few examples of our superb craftsmanship


This original production drawing of Chernobog is from Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940). Chernobog, the god of evil, appears in the film's final segment, "Night on Bald Mountain".  For this animation drawing, we used a sleek black frame and three smokey-hued acid-free rag mat. The custom cut accent lines on the top mat add to the a dramatic, sinister overall look.  We've also used non-glare plexiglas to protect from breakage and reduce reflections.

This charming production cel of Dumbo and Timothy Mouse from Disney's Dumbo (1941) is on an original Courvoisier Background. We used a gold frame and triple purple-hued matting with a custom cut opening to enhance the circus theme.  The mats are 100% rag mats and will not damage the cel and background. We only use high-quality, archival materials to frame animation art.

These original production cels of Snow White and her forest friends are on an airbrushed Courvosier background. We framed this wonderful set up from the 1937 Walt Disney film with an ornate gold frame, a silk mat and matching fillet. Framing protects animation cels.

This production drawing of Monstro from Disney's Pinocchio (1940) is floated on a dark blue under mat and framed with a sleek black moulding and double mat.  The red and blue matting enhanced the animator's crayon details and compliments the oceanic theme. 


This lovely production cel from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959) features Briar Rose and Prince Phillip singing "Once Upon a Dream".  The framing enhances the art work, and protects it.  We've used an ornate gold frame, marbleized designer mat, and a matching gold inner fillet.  The fillet and dark green 100% rag under mat protect the cel from acidity and allow it to "breathe".  Mary Costa's signature (the voice of Sleeping Beauty) is below the cel, in a separate window opening. 


This festive production drawing of the Grinch is framed with the matching production cel.  The drawing is hand signed by Chuck Jones, famed animator and the director of MGM's 1966 film How The Grinch Stole Christmas!  The animation artworks are enhanced and preserved with this modern black frame with slight red sheen and double mats in green and cream.  As an extra flourish, we customized the outer mat is with a small red ornament, which appears to be falling right in to the Grinch's hand.


Pinocchio holds the ace of spades in this rare production drawing from Walt Disney's Pinocchio (1940). We've framed this drawing with an ornate gold frame, matching fillet and silk black mat. The customized name plate makes this artwork fit for display.

This adorable original publicity cel of Marvin the Martian looks right at home in this custom cut mat.  We used triple matting- in black, red and white- to add depth and uniform color to the design.  We custom cut the door-like mat opening framing Marvin, as well as the flag detail on the left side.  Animation is fun-- so is framing!